Dear Celeste Heskes and the Audi Team. 

I hear by express my gratitude to Mark Friedman for leading us once again into purchasing an Audi. 
3 years back we walked into your show room and it was almost closing time. We were browsing at different car show rooms and not realizing the time we walked into Audi show room. 
Mark saw us walking around the show room. He walked from his desk to say if you guys needed any assistance please do not esitate to shout. 
Within half an hour or less we made a decision to buy my daughter an A1 Audi. The same day out of conversation we chatted to Mark regarding the the Q8. The next day Mark organized a test drive for A1 and Q8. 
At this point it’s a tough call to Purchase 2 cars. Our intention was for one car. 
We were convinced by Marks positive attitude and knowledge about the cars. We walked out with 2 new cars. 
This year in February I needed to change my wife’s car. I walked into a show room in Durban as we reside here. 
Due to the unfriendly team that did not acknowledge me browsing around And my presence I walked out. 
I immediately called Mark to enquire on the Q3 for my wife. 
As usual he genuinely apologized for the bad behavior and encouraged me to leave it in his hands. With great respect Mark kept to his word and sold me my wife’s car. The entire deal was done telephonically without any hiccups. Further to his promise Knowing it was the pandemic and partial lockdown Mark drove up to Durban to deliver my wife’s car. 

A few weeks ago I called Mark as my daughter was experiencing ongoing issues with her vehicle. The vehicle was in and out of the workshop rather than my daughter driving. In 3 years she had done 9000 km. I called Mark for advise. At this point I was thinking of taking it to a higher level legally with Audi South Africa. 
Mark called me and made a proposition to me. Mark reassured me to stay with an Audi and he will come up with a good deal. He offered me a fantastic buy back on the A1 and offered me a Q3. Financially the deal did not suit my daughter budget. He offered us the Q2 which did fit her budget. 
Yesterday we took delivery of the vehicle Q2. As parents living away we left the entire deal to Mark. 
We were touched by Marks words. “Don’t worry Ashna is like my daughter I will fetch her and hand over the car myself. “ 
This statement made me feel so comfortable that someone knows how to take care of the place of a father. 
We are so grateful to Mark for his ongoing loyalty, dedication, honesty and being a good human being. 
His charming personality sure does bring bags of laughter to our family. Especially Ashna felt she was on a date. 
I take this opportunity to thank Mark for his impeccable service to the client and the company. I pray Audi recognizes his efforts and pray with each day he climbs the cooperate ladder. He well deserves all the happiness as he gives to his clients. 
May God Bless Mark and his family in every strength. 
Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Mark Friedman 
Nitesh Premji and family.